A brand moodboard is similar to a photomontage containing an aggregation of several data forms, including text, images, and other items that distinguish your brand and express your true brand identity.

BBA has streamlined this process into 3 simple steps:

1. Strategy To Go with Visuals

Building a strategy first will help understand the heartbeat of your business. To do that, determine:

  • Your Why
  • Your Target Audience
  • Your competitors (What is Currently Out There).
  • Finally, YOU! Your personality to help tell your brand’s visual story.

2. Visuals and Aesthetic

We then map out visuals for your brand, putting into consideration:

  • What you and your target would love
  • What will communicate directly to your target audience
  • What will make your digital store look attractive

We use photos that touch on emotions to colors, fonts, and choice of words to bring your brand to life and make it magnetic!

3. Cohesive Brandmood, On a Board!

I will then curate an aesthetically pleasing Brand Moodboard to help elevate your business by helping you create consistent visuals in your marketing.

This will, in turn, develop trust in your brand and set you apart as an authority in your industry.

Now that we know what’s a brand mood board, let’s talk about its vitality.

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