When the business idea kicks in, we all start suffering from what I call the Hurry Syndrome. We want to get out there and get started. However, this is the time to pause, reflect, and ask yourself some key questions. With only four out of ten small businesses making it to their fifth birthday, the odds are stacked against new entrepreneurs. 

‘How to Build a Business in 7 Simple Steps’ and it’s workbook ‘Build Your Business in 7 Simple steps’ are business growth manuals providing budding entrepreneurs with clear direction to help them transform ideas into profitable and sustainable businesses. To get the most from these books, after each chapter I recommend you complete the corresponding exercises in the workbook. This will help you to focus on each step.

Whether you are at the idea stage and feeling overwhelmed, or you have hit an obstacle in the pursuit of business success, these books empowers you to make strategic decisions to develop your business. With exercises to complete, hints and tips to follow, How to Build a Business in 7 Simple Steps shows you how to channel your passion and develop a sustainable business. 

You don’t just want your business just to survive; you want it to thrive.

About the author

Wordran Naa Wilson

I spent my childhood watching my parents work incredibly hard; they had many brilliant business ideas, they were driven, and they had determination, but there were always obstacles that prevented their success.

They were caught in a cycle of trying to earn money: starting businesses, the businesses failing, frustration, and debts. The whole family lived with this pain. I know that with the right advice and guidance that they could have made it.

This pain is what has fuelled my passion for helping small businesses succeed and led to this business growth manual to be created.

Having lived and worked in Africa, Asia and Europe, I have over 10 years’ experience working in the financial sector where I focused on business development and financial strategy.

The skills and experience that I developed are invaluable for supporting business owners on their entrepreneurial journey.


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