When friends and family are resistant to supporting your business

How many times have you felt that your friends and family don’t support your business? Chances are high (even if you are at the beginning of your business journey and you have simply mooted your ideas), that you have already experienced this unexpected response to your entrepreneurial endeavours.

It’s one of the most common assumptions that new entrepreneurs make: they have the support of their loved ones. And doesn’t it hurt when you don’t?

Not only can it make you query your relationships, but it can also make you question your abilities and skills to make your business a success.

You most likely can relate to one, if not all, of the following common reactions from friends and family:

  • Relating stories of people they know who started their own businesses and failed.
  • Rubbishing your ideas, saying there’s no demand or that your plans won’t work as a business.
  • Indifference – showing no interest in your business at all.
Here are some questions  to think about:

There are many different reasons that your friends and family have for each of these reactions, but it’s important that you understand it’s not about you, it’s about them. A negative response is typically founded by fear, jealousy or through a lack of understanding – it’s up to you to decipher the message and see if there is any value in their comments.

You may feel that your friends and family are being negative about your venture, but are they making valid points? If you have financial obligations or a family to provide for, worries about the financial viability of your business may be just. However, having created a business plan, you are in control of your business’ journey and will know the steps you need to take to be a success.

If you identify that the lack of support for your business from friends and family is not from a good place, make a mental note not to adjust your expectations of them – nobody benefits from toxic energy!


  1. Vince
  2. Mercy

    I think the old adage that says do not mix business with pleasure comes into play and spills into family and friendship. A realistic education of your product or service to these groups can change their perception or atleast give them a broader understanding of what you’re about.

  3. Rudi

    When you have a business idea its recommended to check with somebody to check for it’s viability. Put yourself in a right condition and ask the right question about your business by approaching the right people.

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